the gate

At the door of the wormhole, seeing feels like being.

Feeling becomes external.

Being is absence.


One more bite is never wise

An empty stomach craves for more than it needs for it is scared to never feed again. Doing so it wastes the food and convulses in pain.

An empty man asks for more than it needs for it scared to never get again. Doing so he begs his master and convulses like a child.

A thirsty man will try and drink the sea for he needs ever more. Doing so he will burn every ship in the sea including his own.

Refraining from taking one to many step is the hardest challenge of all. For that reason, the master takes no step.


Seductiveness stems from the impossibility to identify.

Impossibility to identify alone isn’t sufficient and can wield extremes.

Couple it with a threatening behavior (pressuring insecurities etc) and you become terrifiying.

Couple it with a playful attitude and you become a mystery.

Couple it with intense conviction and you become a lunatic.

In any case you are ungraspable.

This principle can be reversed.